This is a love story about analog and digital making the perfect connection.  Pencil and the iPad app Paper have just been announced by FiftyThree

Pencil has the size, weight and feel of a traditional drafting pencil, complete with functional tip and eraser. It’s available with a black anodized aluminum body or a sustainably harvested milled Walnut. 

featuring a rechargeable battery connected to the tip that can be removed and plugged in to any USB port for a full top-off in 90 minutes (which should power for a full month of usage). There’s no power switch Pencil wakes when you start drawing and goes to sleep after a period of non use. And then there’s a mysteriously placed magnet that conveniently secured Pencil to an iPad Smart Cover

Pencil works just fine with any drawing application

Download Paper for free from iTunes and pre-order Pencil in Walnut for $60 or Graphite for $50. Purchasing Pencil also gets you free access to all of Paper’s in-app purchasable tools.