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Paper and Pencil


This is a love story about analog and digital making the perfect connection.  Pencil and the iPad app Paper have just been announced by FiftyThree

Pencil has the size, weight and feel of a traditional drafting pencil, complete with functional tip and eraser. It’s available with a black anodized aluminum body or a sustainably harvested milled Walnut. 

featuring a rechargeable battery connected to the tip that can be removed and plugged in to any USB port for a full top-off in 90 minutes (which should power for a full month of usage). There’s no power switch Pencil wakes when you start drawing and goes to sleep after a period of non use. And then there’s a mysteriously placed magnet that conveniently secured Pencil to an iPad Smart Cover

Pencil works just fine with any drawing application

Download Paper for free from iTunes and pre-order Pencil in Walnut for $60 or Graphite for $50. Purchasing Pencil also gets you free access to all of Paper’s in-app purchasable tools.






With so much cool tech out there very rarely does something come along that is simple and solves an issue we all have.  Thats why I cant wait to get my hands on "Coin" an electronic device that looks and works like a credit card but what it does is store the data from all your cards, allowing you to swipe and pay with any of them while only having to carry and use the one Coin Card. Simple and cool and I love the dare to dream. Just don't give them money until its a real product.